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You are Welcome to a World of all Possibilities. You Can Start A business without Money, but with Bright Idea that Will not Let you Sleep, can start you off on the Business trend. Money comes when you have something doing. On this Site you will get all you need to Start again even if you had failed before now. There is Hope for you


If you look at the busy streets of London during rush hours, you see men moving in different directions. You know why they are moving at that speed and seriousness? They are moving with speed to seek for one solution or the other. The man who left his house heading to his office that morning is working to earn money to meet the needs of his family. Whatever made you be on the busy street during the rush hour is simply to meet a need. Many young graduates roam through the street of Lagos looking for a job, or better put looking for solution to their financial needs


You get on the business world when you carefully discover the need of people, and provide solution to it, and if you are providing a solution to people, part of the human traffic on the street during the rush hour will be diverted to you.



Many people, organization or institution that attract a chunk of human traffic during rush hour, thought out of the brain box, to provide immediate solution, or foresaw what will be the need of people in the future.


You are gifted enough by God to provide a solution to a need in the Ecosystem you are part of. And if you can think enough, you can corner a human traffic, to your Location, and when your solution tried, and it is irresistible, men will buy your solution for the price you name: thus money will come to you.


One this site I will be releasing frequently business Ideas that will make your potentials to explode, so that you can exploit the wealth in the earth. A man can bring a wealth in Ireland to give you in Nigeria because of the solution you provide right here, in Nigeria. Are you ready to maximise what is in you? To read more click here.Then bookmark this site, and Subscribe to onoti.com by Email Subscribe to my RSS.

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  1. bayo says:

    @onoti- please how can you help me create my blog and what will it cost? thanks.

    • says:

      15k or $100 with 4000 backlinks smart ways to make money with your blog. I will register you a domain, maintain, teach you all you need to get started and allow you fly when wings are grown. But site content will be from your brain. Make payment to any Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc Branch. A/c name: Wisdom Garden Business Ventures. A/c no. 0006981298.

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